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I have loved alfredo sauce since I was a little girl, beginning with a shrimp-and-pasta dish I ordered at Red Lobster in maybe fourth grade. My friend Amber and I shared a birthday dinner there. We also wore matching plaid pleated skirts. I used those bendy rods to curl my hair and she wore real Keds. It was awesome. The alfredo flavor and creaminess left a lasting impression on me, and thereafter I ordered it at every single restaurant where I found it on the menu.

Around the third year of our marriage I learned to make it myself and played around with the details until Handsome and I became I am obsessed with the final product. He loves it. He craves it, asks for it, and moans and shivers when it appears on his plate. It is so simple to make but absolutely decadent. Cheesy, salty, thickish, creamy… And it pairs with everything. You can eat it on skinny little angel hair noodles or drizzled over savory filled crepes. It tastes amazing with grilled herbed chicken breast or seafood or, as we enjoyed it tonight, steak.

alfredo plate


Alfredo is probably our top choice for pizza sauce at the Lazy W, too. But the way we eat it is a far cry from the jar of thin white sauce you can buy on the pasta aisle. I have to admit, this is also light years ahead of what Red Lobster serves. Here’s our recipe.

A couple of notes: This comes together really quickly, so I suggest prepping the other elements of your meal first. The sauce tends to separate if you let it sit out too long. Also, the butter and two cheeses in the recipe make it pretty salty already, so I do not add any salt. And I am a bonafide salt FREAK. So there you go. Lastly, the following measurements yield about 2 cups of sauce, which because of its richness is more than it sounds like. And the whole thing quadruples well. Not that I ever quadruple anything for two people. That would be crazy.


alfredo ingredients


Basic Alfredo Sauce:

saute a little minced garlic in olive oil

add one stick of real butter and one half cup of heavy whipping cream

heat it almost to bubbly and as it blends and thickens, season with pepper and nutmeg

then remove from heat and add 1/2 cup parmesean cheese and 1/4 cup of mozzarella cheese

stir it all really smooth with a wooden spoon and add immediately to your base dish (noodles, etc.)


And that’s it! Quick and simple.

Tonight I folded the aflredo saucein with about 10 ounces of penne pasta noodles, cooked not even to al dente. The noodles still had lots of bite left in them when I pulled them from their boiling water, because I wanted to finish it all off in the oven while our steaks were cooking. For the final few minutes of baking I sprinkled some extra mozzarella cheese on top. Just because.


rich alfredo sauce baked with penne pasta
rich alfredo sauce baked with penne pasta


How about you? Are you an alfredo aficionado? How else could you serve it with? What yummy recipes from your childhood are still fixtures in your life?

Thanks Mama Kat for a fun prompt! It totally helped me decide our side dish tonight.

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Mama Kat’s Losin It



  1. Marci says

    Craving this now! You are correct, it is AMAZING! You cook it perfectly! I love it on your chicken Alfredo pizza!

    • thelazyw says

      It is so hard not to lick the pan clean!!!
      And I am convinced that eating it makes your hair shiny.
      Or maybe that’s just extra butter smeared everywhere?

  2. says

    It never even occurred to me that I could make my own Alfredo sauce. This looks fabulous, but would definitely need to be eaten in moderation! Linked up behind you at Mama Kat’s.

    • thelazyw says

      haha, YES to moderation, my goodness. It is hard to stop eating, but the minute you have one bite too many you feel it! LOL Thanks for stopping in! Heading to your spot now. xoxo

    • thelazyw says

      Hi Shawna, thank you! haha, that Red Lobster memory is so vivid for some reason. I hope you do try this. It’s an instant and worthy standby. : ))

  3. says

    that’s great that you learned to make it for yourself. Unfortunately, my hubby can’t eat anything with heavy whipping cream in it. It’s not lactose, but the milk-fat. But yours looks good enough to eat the page!

    • thelazyw says

      ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh that makes me so sad! no heavy cream?
      What else do you eat??
      Thank you so much for stopping in! : ))

  4. says

    I love Alfredo sauce also!! So quick and easy and goes with so many things. I make it a lot also. My family does not like tomato sauces most of the time, so alfrado is usually our go to pasta sauce. I must try and it on pizza though! Thanks! =)

    • thelazyw says

      Hi Tiffany! Oh man isn’t it the best? I would eat this once a week if i could get away with it. Thank you for visiting! Checking out your soup recipe now.


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