1. Dear Marie: It’s interesting that I’ve only known you for about a year, and that I have always read “grieving,” or “sadness” in some of your posts but never understood from where the pain came. Clearly, this is one of the sources. I’m so sorry for your sister, for Tim’s family, and for you and your extended family. And, I’m so glad you have your faith and have the hope of that faith to share…blessings today, and peace this week, Kelly

  2. Good morning sweet Marie,

    Just like so many things in this world, I cannot even fathom the pain that someone who takes their own life must feel. And then the pain explodes exponentially in the hearts of those left behind. There’s no doubt the guilt and sorrow that your sister must feel is devastating. No one can take that away from her; but you can rock her gently along. You’re so right about the power of love. Love is an epic warrior and its victory is made even sweeter by sharing in it with friends. Together we’ll lock arms, hearts ready to embrace your family and we won’t relent. Love is stubborn that way; that’s what makes it perfect.

    Thank you for your brave post, love ya honey!

  3. You already know I send love, so much love, to your family. To Tim’s family. To all who knew and love Tim, and of course your sister. Losing someone we love sucks so very much. Losing someone to suicide … I can’t even explain how it felt for me. I’ll try to write up a post in the hopes it can help someone understand what it might be like from another point of view.

    Love, love, love to you, B, and the farmily.

  4. My dear Marie. This is so profound and so moving. I am sending up prayers as I type for your little sister and you and your whole family. Grieving is so unhinged and messy and so hard to witness, not to mention do.
    I pray especially for healing for your sister. For peace and for strength. Those prayers – I know this – are being answered in part by your presence in her life. So I pray for your strength as well. So much love to you. xo

  5. I came looking for you after for whatever reason forgot I had a pintrest account and when I remembered log in info.. whola there your pretty face was..HA!.. and here I am.. but man what a post this is to read…

    When someone we love dies, no matter how the loss happens, we never get over it, we just find a new way to function.. sometimes it is not always favorable, but there is always HOPE… you bet I will be praying ….

    aka The Barn Swallow
    AKA the former momma of Mia.. (i added this just in case you forgot who I

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